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Financial Advising is the long-term process of efficiently advising of our clients on how to manage their finances and investments so you can achieve your life’s goals and dreams. This process also includes negotiating individual goals, restrictions and possibilities. Financial Advising is a process, not a product.


Your current financial plans are key for our financial advising. It is essential to understand where you are today before you can begin your financial journey to where you would like to be.


With the development of new technology and with E-money institutions expanding their business around the world, customers are faced with numerous payment solutions offered online, for online payments, receiving or sending money.


What elements any payment solution provider must satisfy? Its solution must be easy to use, fast, secure and transparent with clients knowing ahead what costs they might expect without any unpleasant surprises.

„Long term thinking and planing enhances short term decision making. Make sure you have a plan of your life in your hand, and that includes the financial plan as one way of achieveing your life goals.“


Rolling Capital consulting team offers more creative investments solutions and financial plans that combine experience,  knowledge and clear insights into market conditions. We work collaboratively, focused on our clients needs and define our success by clients results. Though, there are many opportunities to invest, it is not always easy to have a winning strategy. The reason many strategies don’t deliver results is the failure to change or adapt them in time. This is where our team is here for you.