With the development of new technology and with E-money institutions expanding their business around the world, customers are faced with numerous payment solutions offered online, for online payments, receiving or sending money.


What elements any payment solution provider must satisfy? Its solution must be easy to use, fast, secure and transparent with clients knowing ahead what costs they might expect without any unpleasant surprises.


Payment solutions can be in various forms like e-accounts or by using prepaid cards. By using e-accounts, funds can easily be transferred from one account to another with minimal fees. Clients can also transfer fund to their own bank account. E-accounts can also be used for online payments. Some service providers also offer prepaid cards, more about which can be read in part on Issuing Cards.


Rolling Capital helps its clients to find best possible payment solution depending on individual needs. Our services are available for both corporate and private clients. Clients must predetermine what they expect from their payment solution, that is in which purposes will they use and what amounts are planned to be either tranferred, withdrawn or spent.  With these data in hand our team can preceede with their task of finding solution in accordance to client's wishes.