Payment Services are composed of a whole range of services dealing with e-money accounts and online prepaid cards and virtual cards which enable easy, fast, and secure payment and all that with much lower fees than usually required. Services are available for both private and corporate clients and depend on their individual needs.


All these services are available through so called E-money institutions which provide variety of services. However, with an increase in an online purchase and with people traveling more than ever, e-wallets and different prepaid cards proved them selves as most popular of all payment services offered by E-money institution.


What is also convenient for most customers is that do not require any links with bank accounts and can be easily opened in few minutes. There are also virtual cards that can be used immediately, as there is no physical delivery, and are quite practical solutions for online payment.


Along with investment and advising services, payment services are also becoming important part of today's business and that is why Rolling Capital team aims in helping its clients to find best solution according to their needs. What is important to have in mind is there is no border for e-payment, customers can always access and use their funds either from their e-wallets or prepaid cards.